A true collector's piece, our Telsum Necklace honors traditional Ethiopian heritage in a museum quality reproduction of the classic Telsum design in solid 18k gold. Each telsum box is forged individually by hand, making this a unique, one of a kind piece. Ethiopian Telsum beads are traditionally worn for their talismanic properties and come in a variety of shapes – the most common being triangles, rectangles and half crescents. Each shape is believed to protect the wearer from a different form of evil: triangular amulets for protection against the “evil eye”, and the crescent for evil spells cast under the moon. Historically, Telsum Beads were made from silver sourced from the Maria Theresa thaler, however, modern versions tend to be a combination of white metal alloys, including nickel. Our rendering in 18k gold is a masterpiece of authentic African craftsmanship.

Telsum Necklace

SKU: SCN10116